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Spaying and Neutering your French Bulldog

Not every dog should procreate. Purebred dogs that have mismarks, i.e., characteristics that differ from their standards, should not be bred. To consolidate a breed takes years of hard work and research, and to have poorly planned breedings along the way will harm the breed and years of effort put forth. Dogs that have behavior issues should not be bred either, because temperament is also a trait that is subject to genetic factors.

Dogs with epilepsy, hip dysplasya, luxating patellas, cardiac problems, skin diseases, cleft pallates / harelips and all other congenital diseases should not be a part of a breeding program.

Contrary to as what some might think, breeding dogs is not just finding a male and a female in heat. Before that breeding takes place, there is a huge study of the dogs that are part of the history of the dogs involved, both genetic and morphologically. This is in order to fix certain traits on the puppies and to eliminate less desired ones, through the chosen breeding, thus maintaining the classical characteristics of the breed.

Unfortunately, there are many fake breeders out there, with no knowledge about the breed, who choose to follow their philosophy of "is it a french bulldog? does it have a registry? then let's breed them!". These so-called breeders are stalling the development of the breed, producing dogs with many undesirable traits that should be avoided in a breeding program.

It is not uncommon to find french bulldogs that do not look like anything that the standard describes. These are dogs with long noses, thin legs, huge tails, thin and long body, ears to the side, to name a few of their characteristics. That is the direct result of unplanned or poorly planned breedings.

Because of all that, we have adopted spaying and neutering as the rule for any and all of our pet french bulldogs. As any other subject, spaying or neutering your frenchie does not only have a good side, but still we have considered all alternatives and feel like it is the best and most responsible way to follow for our Vixbull frenchies. We do hope you understand.

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